Novartis Talks About Its Recruitment Process With Local Newspaper

One of the largest employers in North-East Lincolnshire, Novartis, has been speaking to the Grimsby Telegraph about its recruitment process.

Pharmaceutical firm Novartis employs more than 500 people in the Grimsby region and has seen demand for its products soar recently, helping to create jobs in an otherwise bleak economy.

Over the last ten years alone, the 226-acre Grimsby site has received £450 million in investment. The firm’s HR manager, Ian Emerson, said that people from all backgrounds are taken on at Novartis but that as a company it does have several attributes that it likes to see in applicants. Mr Emerson explained, "Our staff need to have the ability to learn.

"Because what we do here is quite unique to the area, people are unlikely to have ever worked in exactly the same kind of environment before. The industry is also constantly changing so it is critical that new employees are willing to develop their skills.”

He added that teamwork is also a valuable attribute to applicants entering the recruitment process at Novartis, as well as motivation to learn new skills and develop in their roles. 

Mr Emerson said, “Today we are focusing on the various support functions which exist within the company, including finance, logistics and HR.” 

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