NHS Recruitment Underway for Essential Health Visitors

A new recruitment drive for health visitors is going against the mass public sector jobs cuts in other areas, as NHS trusts in some of the most densely populated parts of the country struggle to cope with soaring birth rates. 

More than 300 health visitors are being sought in the southern counties of England to cope with the anticipated 50,000 new births in the region in the coming months. 

NHS South Central - which governs the NHS provisions in Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire - have launched a recruitment drive to nurses, midwives and student nurses for jobs that will begin in September. The drive is also offering to fully fund the degree courses of trainee health visitors, and offer them a salary as well. 

Buckinghamshire and Hampshire's Solent region contains some of the 20 new Early Implementer Sites that have been identified nationally, which will be used to pioneer new techniques and methods in a planned overhaul of the health visiting service and profession. 

The acting chief nurse for the NHS South Central region, Jill Pellett, said, "We are expanding and strengthening the health visiting profession to meet the rising birth rate. We need to make sure that all babies grow into healthy and safe children and have the same opportunities to thrive later in life."

Geoff Newman, chief executive of flat fee recruitment agency Recruitment Genius believes this new recruitment drive was inevitable.

“The coalition government had promised to match Labour’s NHS spending. Combined with the growing demand, the government is fulfilling those promises and targeting strategic areas which are under-resourced. For example the new Pembury hospital is one of the most modern in Europe and initially struggling under the high demand. Recruitment at Pembury is not a luxury but a necessity.

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