New Duties To Spark Recruitment At Bank Of England

The Bank of England is likely to embark on a new recruitment drive in the next few months, in order to find the candidates to fulfil the new responsibilities it has been given. 

A piece in The Times newspaper said that bosses at the banking institution had identified potential gaps and skills weaknesses in its current staffing capabilities, which would need to be filled in preparation for its new financial regulation duties. 

The Bank of England is to take on some of the work carried out by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) if George Osborne's plans to abolish the flawed industry regulator next year go through. A comprehensive audit of the current skills of the staff of the Bank have been carried out in preparation for the adoption of such duties, and certain talent shortages have been identified - particularly in the area of Financial Stability. 

The Bank's director of Financial Stability staff currently number 168, with 21 in senior positions, but it is expected to expand as the new duties are adopted.

The Bank will likely make use of all methods of recruitment available to them - including online recruitment - to make sure they track down the optimum candidates for their jobs, from both the public and private sectors. 

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