Morrisons Recruitment Attracts Unprecedented Interest

Two recruitment information days for the new branch of Morrisons in the Nottinghamshire town of Kirkby have drawn interest from more than 1,300 people. 

The recruitment days, which were held earlier this week at the town's Summit Centre, saw around 25 people pass through the doors every 15 minutes, indicating the extent of the clamour for jobs in the town. 

John Knight, the leader of Ashfield District Council, said that the development of the new store would be a huge boon for Kirkby, and help draw even more big-name retailers to the town. 

"I think it's brilliant," said Mr Knight. "It's not just what Morrisons will do themselves, but what they will be the catalyst for. Kirkby was stagnant and dying. Without it, it would have been dead within a year."

The number of jobs that will definitely be created at the store has not yet been confirmed, but it is likely to be in the region of 300. The recruitment days were an opportunity for people to register their interest, and candidates were asked to fill in an application form, which will be processed in the next few weeks. The next round will see people called back for face-to-face interviews next month. 

Geoff Newman who works with is not surprised by the number of applications.

“Our business has significant experience recruiting in the retail sector and we typically receive an average of 1,800 applications for every job. This is not just because of such high-unemployment, but also because more women are entering the employment market as a second income is required to pay for rising household costs. The difficult at present tends to be managing a response rather than generating it, something I am sure Morrisons are excellent at."

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