Migrant Cap Hindering Dyson Recruitment

Dyson, the pioneering electrical manufacturing firm, is being hindered in its latest recruitment drive by the government's migrant cap, according to a company spokesman. 

The company representative said that the limit on the number of skilled workers they are allowed to bring in from outside the European Economic Area is making their previously announced recruitment drive, for 350 new engineers, very difficult. 

"It should be easier for promising graduates with good degrees in STEM subjects to stay in the UK through the post-study work route," the spokesman said. "We find that there is a shortage of high-calibre graduates in the UK – finding the right person for a role isn't always easy."

He said that the problem chiefly affected some of the more specialist roles, such as those in the motors team, leaving them with vacant positions for impractically long times. 

The revelation came in the same week that the company's founder, Sir James Dyson, told The Daily Telegraph that if recruitment difficulties persist then they could seriously have to think about taking the company abroad. 

The company has said that they aim to find "problem solvers" when they are recruiting, and want to find people from a range of disciplinary backgrounds who will look at problems from oblique angles. 

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