Midlands Gaming Firm Embarks On Recruitment Drive

Midlands-based computer games developer, Codemasters, has embarked on a new recruitment drive for more than 125 new jobs, thanks to invaluable new investment. 

The company will be employing advanced recruitment methods to identify the best technological talents to take on board as new developers. The company is looking to take on 25 staff at its Birmingham headquarters, while the other jobs will be located at its operations else where in the UK.

Codemasters’ talent acquisition manager, Simon Miles, said that there is an abundance of talent in Birmingham and they are now looking to harness that for the benefit of the company. 

“The skilled talent pool in Birmingham, along with the support available for developers in the area, and across the Midlands generally has created a dynamic and creative local business community,” he said. “We are looking to recruit staff from the region as well as enticing some new employees into the city as well.”

Birmingham has developed a strong reputation for its fostering of technology development. The region in home to more than 12,500 digital technology companies and employs around a quarter of all people working in video game development in the UK.  

Geoff Newman from web recruitment agency RecruitmentGenius.com believes the UK is going to be a key global player in games development.

"We've recently seen companies such as EA Games make acquisitions of UK based companies leading to massive growth in the games industry. Combined with ambitious plans from Codemasters and other companies the UK has the potential to play a vital part in the games industry."

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