Media Industry Facing Recruitment Dilemma

The British media and creative sector is facing a recruitment crisis for experienced junior talent, according to the results of a recent Europe-wide survey. 

The Credit Suisse survey of a panel of Northern European media planners, has shown that the media and advertising industry in the region has experienced no slow down in growth throughout the current economic difficulties. Paul Farrer, from international media staffing experts Aspire Global Network, (AGN) said that this will almost certainly lead to a premium being put on skilled but junior workers. 

"The broad media landscape is job rich and talent poor," Farrer explained to leading personnel publication, Recruiter. "With so few joining the sector in the recession there was no talent available at the two to four years' experience level."

Farrer added that the recruitment process among media companies is practically non-stop, with the fluid nature of staff constantly moving up and around the sector forcing a constant recruitment drive to replace them. This, he warned, should make companies look at implementing a robust staff retention plan as well as an efficient recruitment strategy. 

Another survey, carried out by polling organisation IPSOS, showed that more than 80 per cent of some 1,500 media professionals felt that their company's performance was either stable or improving.

However Geoff Newman from flat fee recruiter believes these problems are more to do with the transition from offline to online media.

“Every one is catching up in the media industry as we make a transition to online. Apart from there being few ‘juniors’ to train, there has been little to train them on as the industry has evolved so quickly. It’s only natural that as the market matures recruitment will catch up. The talent is certainly available with such high unemployment.

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