LOVEFiLM Turns To Online Recruitment To Fill London Jobs

Subscription film service, LOVEFiLM, is using an online recruitment process to expand its London-based pool of online expertise. 

The popular modern-day equivalent to the video rental store is looking to fill 40 new jobs created in the capital following the company's purchase by online retail giant, Amazon. Once filled, the new jobs will expand the company's current UK headcount by more than 20 per cent. 

The job criteria states that the company is looking for 'strong additions,' who are able to "share a passion for films and innovative business". Many of the jobs will be created through the further development of the company's Watch Online service, which allows people to watch their selected films or television shows on interconnected TV or PlayStation consoles. 

LOVEFiLM's chief executive, Simon Calver, said that the purchase of the company by Amazon - which was finalised in January - has proven to be a lucrative move for the company's London base. 

"Following Amazon’s acquisition of LOVEFiLM we have created around 40 jobs at our London office, half of which are in the technology and digital sphere," he said. "In line with our constant digital expansion we are extremely pleased to continue to create new opportunities for people who are looking for careers that they can not only develop and grow in, but enjoy."

LOVEFiLM was purchased by Amazon in January, having been a hot target for a number of digital companies. LOVEFiLM is using its own online portal to post the job vacancies. 

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