LinkedIn Furthers Its Online Recruitment Facilities

A new 'Apply with LinkedIn' button is to be added to the business-focused social media network, as they attempt to engage with the increasing numbers of people looking to online recruitment for their next job. 

People will not only be able to look for opportunities on the site, but will also be able to instantly convert their LinkedIn profile into a CV, which will be able to be submitted straight away for prospective employers' consideration. 

It is thought that the facility will be officially launched on the site over the next few days, and is being seen as yet another step in LinkedIn's bid to further dominate the professional corner of the social media world.

Tech news website said: "Apply with LinkedIn is being touted by the company as a way to remove friction from the job application process by enabling people to use their LinkedIn profiles as resumes. The plug-in also bundles applicants' data to simplify the sorting process on the employer side."

Employers will be able to list up to five criteria in tick boxes that applicants must be able to fill in order to be seriously considered for particular jobs. These will include whether they are willing to relocate or have a covering letter to accompany their application. 

Geoff Newman from online recruiter believes this is further proof that LinkedIn is principally an innovative online recruitment platform.

"The majority of technological innovations and revenues are from recruitment related activities. However it is difficult to know whether it is supporting a companies recruitment process, or counter-productive as employees put their profile online and are potentially head-hunted."

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