LinkedIn Addresses Referral Part of Online Recruitment

LinkedIn is planning to further enhance its online recruitment aids with the upcoming launch of an add-on that handles the employee referral part of the recruitment process. 

The new facility - called Referral Engine - is currently in beta testing but, once ironed out, will "do all the work" for employees who are considering referring friends for jobs at their organisations, according to the company's vice president of product management, David Hahn. 

He explained that the engine will allow employees to benefit from the 'social credit' of referring friends and potential candidates to their employees. Organisations that deploy Referral Engine will be able to list vacancies, along with the job profile, including required skills, qualifications and experience. 

Employees of those organisations will then be invited to put forward any friends whose profiles match the requirements and, with just a couple of clicks, will be able to get visible credit for their action. In doing so, it will also take care of the pre-screening and qualifying process of viable candidates. 

Addressing a press conference in London this week on the matter - which coincided with first European LinkedIn Talent Connect conference for resourcing professionals - Mr Hahn said, "We've taken all of the work out of it." 

Geoff Newman, online recruitment specialist with believes LinkedIn are now well placed to capture the recruitment of professionals. 

“By it’s very nature LinkedIn is associated with professionals who typically rely on recommendations amongst their network to help them move job. Hence the new Referral Engine could be a great catalyst to see better quality and faster referrals.”

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