Latest Monster Index Shows Encouraging Online Recruitment Trend

The most recent research on online recruitment and job vacancy figures have shown that job opportunities in the UK rose by nine per cent in March, compared with the figures from the same period last year.

The Monster Employment Index for the UK showed that skilled crafts and tradespeople were in the highest demand of all the sectors, rising by 24 per cent from the figure for 2010 and up four per cent on the previous month. 

Also performing well in terms of demand and new opportunities were IT, engineering and research jobs, while at the other end of the scale opportunities in banking and particularly in the public sector fell significantly both year-on-year and month-on-month. 

Isabelle Ratinaud, from Monster UK & Ireland, said the figures were encouraging following a slowing in job creation growth seen in the autumn of 2010. 

"The private sector continues to grow steadily within industries such as IT, construction, transport and research and development, which could help in some way to offset public sector job losses," she said. "Construction has maintained its steady upward growth trend this month and remains at its highest recruitment level since December 2008, pre-recession." 

Geoff Newman from online recruitment agency Recruitment Genius feels there are also other positive signs of a job recovery.

“Today the Office of National Statistics have released data to confirm a drop in unemployment amongst men and those under 20. Combined with the strong demand we are seeing for our services which is closely indexed to job creation I sincerely hope we are finally seeing the end of spiraling unemployment.”

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