Ladbrokes Switches to Online Recruitment

British gambling giant Ladbrokes is to carry out all of its future hiring through a new online recruitment portal that has been launched this week. 

The company's new system has been set up to allow them to embrace the increasing numbers of people using the internet as their primary mode of job hunting. The newly live set-up has been designed to emulate the company's previous - and demonstrably effective - paper-based system of applications, but allows applicants to review and alter their submissions with far greater ease. 

Ladbrokes' director of human resources, Sara Davies, said that they had been driven by the need to attract more people and give candidates a really good hiring experience.

"Candidates are guided through a series of realistic screening questionnaires that are all about engaging those candidates who will be a good fit for us and will love working with our customers in any one of our 2,100 shops," she said. 

Ms Davies said that the system will hopefully allow them to enhance their talent pool, by allowing them to identify applicants with excellent potential at an early stage. The system will also allow the company to communicate with them through a broad range of media, including social networking sites, text messages and smartphones.

Geoff Newman from flat fee recruitment company believes moving recruitment online has not just commercial benefits but is also something that candidates want.

“In a recent survey of candidates we found the vast majority wanted to apply direct via company websites citing better information, transparency and control over their application. For the Ladbrokes it will bring tremendous cost savings, better collaboration, reduced time-to-hire and simplified systems.

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