iPad-Based Online Recruitment Growing in Importance

The rise of tablet devices such as Apple's iPad and the Samsung Galaxy has seen companies not only increase their focus on online recruitment, many are making use of specifically developed recruitment apps aimed directly at people using their tablets.

The iPad has sold more than 15 million units in the year since its release, and companies across the spectrum of industries are tailoring their online capabilities to accommodate this rise - not least of all the recruitment industry. 

The LinkUp site - which trawls for 'hidden' jobs that are only posted on company's career pages - has developed an iPad-friendly version of its site, allowing people more freedom to look for jobs during business hours (when most new jobs searching is actually carried out) without leaving any tell-tale evidence on their current employer's computer system. 

The US Military is currently exploring the prospect of making iPads integral to their recruitment drives, eliminating time and resource intensive form-filling and also allowing potential recruits to carry out e-tests on the spot to get a gauge on their suitability for the military life. 

Developing an iPad function is also becoming crucial to engaging the ever-rising expectations of tech-savvy potential applicants, who may judge whether or not they really want to work for a company based on how close they are keeping up with advancing technology.

However Geoff Newman from web recruitment company Recruitment Genius warns about jumping in and creating an app.

“For most companies apps on iPads and iPhones will boost nothing more than vanity. Therefore before developing an app it is always best to check your user experience on mobile and traditional web platforms where the vast majority of your audience will be.”

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