IHG Thoroughly Examining Internal Recruitment Options

The Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) is to initially examine its internal talent as part of its recruitment process to fill the 400,000 roles it is looking to create across the world during the next three years. 

The company’s global talent systems manager, Claire Guberg, said that it would be looking to make as many internal hires and promotions as possible – particularly for the roles that have been identified as ‘critical’. 

Speaking at a seminar in London this week, entitled Critical Talent Pipelines, Guberg explained that major focus would be place on IHG’s Global Talent Week, an internal event held twice every year, which allows current employees at all levels to create and upgrade their profiles on the company’s careers website and explore new opportunities. 

Guberg said that since the Global Talent Weeks were first started in 2010, the company has turned around the number of staff it was losing to competitors and achieved strong retention rates. 

In 2011, IHG succeeded in increasing the number of corporate roles filled internally to 44 per cent, from just 11 per cent in the previous year. The number of general manager roles being filled internally rose from 61 per cent to 71 per cent. 

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