HR Recruitment Must Be Improved Says Report

A new report on recruitment processes for HR departments in the UK has said that recruiters need to raise the bar, to avoid reducing finding the right staff to a “lottery”.

The report – entitled ‘Raising the bar in HR recruitment’ – was carried out by Ralf Schneider, from the business consultancy 2B, under commission from the Oakleaf Partnership. He found that the processes of ‘recruiting recruiters’ had a number of identifiable flaws.

His survey of senior HR executives found that just 11 per cent of them are satisfied with the people they have taken on for their departments one year after appointing them. Some 500 executives were polled for the research, and 74 per cent stated that “poor culture fit” lay behind many of the unsuccessful hires.

The Oakleaf Partnership’s Richard Colgan, said that the survey showed a clear need for improvement in the way that the sector is staffed. 

"Our research clearly shows that there is a need, at an operational level, for improvements in the recruitment of HR professionals, and at a strategic level, culture needs defining not just for today's business environment but for the future journey,” he explained. “Raising the bar will enable the business to be more successful, which will itself be a catalyst for, and enabler of, HR change.” 

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