How Social Media in Recruitment Can Damage Your Chances of Getting a Job

A panel of leading London recruitment specialists have said that a candidate's online presence is becoming increasingly hard to ignore, as online recruitment steadily becomes the primary means of employing new staff. 

The Financial Times sought the opinions of a number of recruiters on the subject of candidate profiles, and they said that carefully constructed and monitored profiles are essential, as they are often the first port of call in the vetting process.

IT recruitment specialist, Sid Barnes, said, "You should view this as an opportunity to show yourself in the best possible light. An online profile can say so much more than a two-page CV and include connections and recommendations."

According to the specialists, LinkedIn is just about the most efficient and effective online presence to have when it comes to a professional profile. Social media strategist, Krishna De, said, "When people search, results from LinkedIn come up high in results. When you’re writing your profile think about the terms people search for."

"Potential employers and recruiters do like to see how people come across in the world and what their convictions and passions are," he explained. "But no one needs to know you can down 20 Sambuca shots or see compromising photos of you." 

Geoff Newman, chief executive from online recruitment agency Recruitment Genius, warned about what you want contact you want to be public. 

“Most candidates would be unemployable if recruiters saw candidates social and personal Facebook profiles with all the potentially defamatory material. Whilst it may be illegal for prospective recruiters to view these profiles, it is almost impossible to prove so always restrict your privacy settings.”

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