Hospitality Recruitment Methods Failing

A senior representative of the skills council for the hospitality, travel and leisure industry has said that recruiters must make use of increasingly diverse and original means of finding appropriate managerial staff for the sectors. 

Martin-Christian Kent, who is director of policy and research at hospitality, travel and leisure Sector Skills Council People 1st, said that the industry was finding it increasingly difficult to fill roles. He said making used of methods of online recruitment was crucial to discovering potential new recruits or even staff that have the potential to be trained up into roles. 

"We have quite a vibrant hotel management provision within higher education and universities and the question is how many of those people actually find their way into the industry?" he said. "I think recruiters are uniquely placed in terms of targeting those people and really making sure that the employers can actually find them."

New figures have shown that changes to the British migration policy introduced last month have prompted a 20 per cent rise in the number of hotel management positions becoming available since the first quarter of 2010. This indicates that many of the roles had been filled by foreign candidates who are no longer eligible to work in the UK. 

Geoff Newman from flat fee recruitment agency believes that whilst recruitment of hospitality staff is high at present, it is being negatively effected by other events.

“Because Germany and other European countries have allowed more immigration transient workers have left the UK to where their efforts are better paid, pushing up recruitment demand. However consumer spending in Britain has been hit and this is having ramifications in the hospitality sector, with up to a 20 per cent dip in spending according to the CBI. Consequently until GDP increases, I expect this unusual demand for hospitality staff to be temporary.”

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