Half of Unemployed Almost Given Up Looking For A Job

A new survey unveiled by the UKs largest online recruitment agency RecruitmentGenius.com shows half of unemployed people have almost given up looking for work. This clearly demonstrates how a sustained period of unemployment has demoralized job seekers and dented their confidence.

The survey conducted by an independent research company polled 2,000 respondents in the UK.

Only 1 in 5 unemployed people were optimistic about their chances of finding a job in the New Year.

On a similar note over a third of people in employment were dissatisfied with their job, but a quarter of those felt the current economic circumstances made this more difficult and so would begrudgingly remain with their existing employer. Those most satisfied with their jobs were more likely to have been in higher education or have an income over £50,000 

The survey also highlighted the UKs youth unemployment problem and showed that the situation in Northern Ireland was notably bad compared to other regions in the UK.

Geoff Newman, chief executive, RecruitmentGenius.com believes job prospects will get worse before they get better.

“All indications are that public sector redundancies will compound problems, creating more competition for jobs leading to increased despondency. However our economy is cyclical, circumstances must and will improve and at this point employers who are treating their staff poorly will have the most to lose.”

This survey comes a day after researchers from TotalJobs.com found the number of job applications in the last year had increased 50 per cent.



For further information please contact Geoff Newman on 01732 617 460. Photography and interviews available on request.

Notes to editor:  News issued by RecruitmentGenius.com the UKs largest online recruitment agency. The independent research was conducted by Toluna.

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