Guidelines Issued On Social Media In Recruitment

Employers have been issued new guidelines on the appropriate use of online information gleaned from social media sites in the recruitment process.

Acas, the organisation that helps companies improve employee relations, has said there has been growing concern over how social media is being used as an additional source of information in the recruitment process

The body has now issued a series of tips highlighting the problems employers could face - including discrimination suits from job candidates - if they use information found on social media sites in the recruitment process and do not declare it. 

In terms of recruitment, the guidelines state that if an employer is to judge candidates partially on personal information shared on social networks, then it must be declared, to ensure the bosses are not left open to unfair treatment claims. 

Claire McCartney, from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, welcomed the launch of the guides, stating that it is something that is frequently asked about by employers but has until now had no set standards of practice. 

"We believe that employers need to take a common-sense approach to the dos and don'ts of social media and recognise the benefits that it can bring - such as increasing work contacts, sharing knowledge, contributing to employer brand and helping with recruitment campaigns," she explained. 

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