Graduates Applying For Recruitment Schemes Double

The graduate recruitment process has become exponentially more competitive since before the recession, with the number of graduates applying for each job having more than doubled in just three years. 

Figures released by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) have shown that, despite a slow increase in the number of jobs becoming available, the largest employers now receive an average of 83 applications for each vacancy. Some of the most in-demand companies have received as many as 150 applications for each job. 

The figures contrast with just 31 applications per position in 2008 and the still comparatively small number of 49 for every vacancy in 2009. 

The widening of the candidate pool for the recruiters is thought to be from the persistence of candidates who have missed out during previous hiring windows and have applied again. 

Despite the clamour for jobs, industry experts have said that the graduate recruitment market is showing significant signs of recovery. Many of the 200 companies polled in the survey, which is carried out twice a year, said that they were considering raising their starting salaries, with the average figure showing that starting salaries are due to rise by two per cent, to £25,500, this year. 

The number of jobs available, meanwhile, is expected to rise 2.6 per cent this year on top of a much larger 8.9 per cent rise the year before. 

Geoff Newman from flat fee recruiter believes the expanding pool of candidates has developed from the persistence of candidates who have missed out during previous hiring windows and improved application methods.

“It’s very easy for graduates to apply for jobs because almost everything is accessible online. In many ways this makes it more difficult for recruiters as they have so many promiscuous applications, but a simpler solution is better for everyone.”

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