Graduate Recruitment Moves to Facebook

Employers looking to take on staff through online recruitment should heed the results of a recent survey indicating that the first site that graduates and students head for when they log on to the internet is Facebook. 

The survey by the graduate recruitment website,, has shown that 84 per cent of students make it their first port of call in the morning - highlighting that any recruitment opportunities posted on the site by companies would be guaranteed a prominent position and swift viewing in students' job searches. 

While the number of students actually using social media sites to promote themselves is low - just 29 per cent - more than 81 per cent of the students surveyed said they would uses sites such as a Facebook and LinkedIn more for professional purposes if they had a little more guidance on how to make the most of them.

Mike Barnard, of Milkround, said it was encouraging to see more students open to using the sites for professional purposes and that it was important to develop that. 

"With eight out of 10 keen to know more, they would do well to learn how LinkedIn works, but also consider other options such as keeping their eyes peeled for opportunities advertised via company pages on Facebook or in their Twitter feeds," he said. 

However Geoff Newman, chief executive of online recruitment agency Recruitment Genius feels Facebook may not be the panacea to recruiting graduates.

“Recruiting via Facebook takes a considerable amount of time and money to generate compelling content that can create a community. That is fine if you have the resources and are regularly recruiting. However for many smaller organisations with ad hoc requirements Facebook could be an expensive waste of time.”

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