Graduate Recruitment Facing Skills Problem

Around a third of Britain’s graduate employers are struggling to fill their vacancies due to an apparent lack of appropriate workplace skills among the record numbers of graduates searching for jobs. 

A new report by the Association of Graduate Recruiters, showed that 32 per cent of graduate recruiters did not meet their recruitment targets last year, reporting that the applicants “did not meet their requirements”.

Many of the organisations surveyed in the report said that the quality of applicants was “not always good enough” and said that work experience carried out prior to graduation was more important than ever. 

Carl Gilleard, chief executive of the AGR, said that more and more students would likely be looking at two-year degree options in future, due to the rising costs of education. This, however, would give them even less time to gain work experience and also not give them the valuable option of a year in industry.

“Employers do value graduates that have work experience and those students that have undertaken a year in industry as part of a four-year degree,” he said. “Consequently, there are genuine concerns surrounding students undertaking two year degrees as they do not have as much time to gain workplace experience.” 

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