Friend Referrals Still Boost Recruitment Chances

A new survey has shown that the recruitment process can still be much easier for people whose friends can help them along with the process. 

The old belief that ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ still rings true for a significant amount of recruitment in the UK, according to the new survey carried out by YouGov on the behalf of 

BraveNewTalent’s Charlie Duff said that the figures showed that it is clear that a candidate will likely benefit from a good word on the inside of the company they want to work for.

“Personal recommendations are very valuable for employers,” Duff explained. “It can save a lot of time sifting through CVs and interviewing people who may not be right for the job. Plus there are no recruitment fees to pay, so it saves money.”

Research carried out during the survey also found that some companies are actively encouraging their staff to recommend friends for jobs. Enterprise Car Rentals offers its staff an incentive of £1,000 for every successful friend referral they make. One member of staff made £3,000 in just one month for putting some friends forward for roles with the company. 

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