Financial Recruitment Offering Increasing IT Opportunities

IT professionals have increasingly been turning to opportunities in the banking sector during the last six months, according to new figures from a leading IT recruitment index. 

The quarterly JM Digital Index has shown that IT workers have been lured by financial recruitment opportunities from digital agencies with much more frequency in the fourth quarter. 

The cause of the rise is thought to be the banking sector’s need to keep up with advancing cutting-edge technology and platforms, in order to try to bolster its recovery. The developments include the setting up of mobile phone applications and social media – a need that spans all industries, but has been particularly marked among banks. 

The chief executive of the JM Group, Dave Pye, said financial firms are offering exceptionally lucrative salaries for the work they need. 

“The demand for digital projects has never been so great but the problem companies now face is the shortage of digital skills available,” he explained.

“Over the last six months we’ve seen a crossover of digital contractors moving from agencies into the financial sector. This has been a real issue for companies, which are unable to compete with the rates these banks are offering.”

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