Financial Recruitment Expected To Pick Up In 2012

A new survey on recruitment potential in 2012 has found that more than half the finance professionals surveyed are expecting their companies to take on new recruits at the beginning of the year. 

The research, carried out by Morgan McKinley, sought the opinions of 350 senior accountancy and human resources. Some 52 per cent of them predicted their companies would be embarking on recruitment. 

Around 48 per cent of them said they were expecting their salaries to increase, with more than half of them – 58 per cent – expecting their bonuses in 2012 to be as much as 20 per cent of their base salaries. 

Morgan McKinley’s chief operating officer of Accounting, Finance & Support UK, Chris Leeson, said that the survey indicated something of an upswing in the outlook by the finance community. 

“This cautiously positive sentiment from our survey respondents illustrates the start of jobs market recovery that we saw in 2011 for accounting and finance professionals and the business support jobs market,” he said. 

“Commercial organisations really started to increase their hiring of accounting professionals in 2011 compared to 2009 and 2010. Professional services firms are also showing greater inclination to hire new staff, particularly in specialist and advisory-related functions.” 

Geoff Newman from online recruitment company believes there will be an overall increase in financial recruitment but it will be focused around the city of London.

“RBS continues to make redundancies and these are particularly effecting Scotland. At the same time the government are focused on making London the epicentre of trading in the Chinese currency. Consequently I believe there will be an even greater migration of financial services jobs to London.”

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