European Online Recruitment Use Rises By 14 Per Cent

The use of online recruitment to find new employees showed a 14 per cent increase across Europe during the last 12 months. 

The rise in the use of the internet to find new recruits was led by employers in Germany, where online recruitment saw a dramatic 31 per cent rise, according to figures from the latest Monster Employment Index Europe. It indicated that more and more German employers have been swayed by the benefits of looking online for new employees. 

There was a 33 per cent rise in the number of engineering positions being advertised on online recruitment sites, while production, manufacturing, maintenance and repair and transport, post and logistics showed 30 per cent rises.

Monster Europe's Alan Townsend said, "The muted growth of many European economies is clearly affecting employers' hiring decisions with generally eased growth across industries that usually experience pick-up following the quieter summer months."

However Geoff Newman from online recruitment agency offers some caution for the UK.

“Naturally these figures are great for Europe as a whole. Unfortunately we have noticed a decline in the number of jobs advertised and a rise in redundancies. Furthermore these figures are based on an industry which is still expanding as employers make a transition from print media to online. Consequently whilst I wish the outlook was more positive I don’t believe these figures from Monster represent a true reflection about what is going on.”

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