Engineering Company To Take Recruitment Process To The Roads

An international engineering company is taking its recruitment process to the European roads, in a 15-day tour to find 15 new software developers. 

Atlassian is currently taking online recruitment applications to pre-screen candidates, before taking to the roads to interview selected candidates from among them. 

The company’s ‘Recruitment Roadshow’ bus will travel through four European cities – London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid – to scout out the top talent from across the continent. Interviewees will be picked up from assigned locations in each city and then bussed to secret locations for an evening of entertainment of informal talks, followed by two days of formal interviews.

Joris Luijke, Atlassian’s vice-president of talent and HR, explained that the company is planning to invest millions in its new engineering jobs this year. “Atlassian is rapidly expanding at an incredible pace. The quickest way for us to grow is by attracting some of the best and brightest developers from Europe,” he said.

Atlassian is a major success story of Australia’s booming skilled tech industry, and is keen to make its presence known in the European market. The company is looking for strong Java and JavaScript developers who have an average of six years experience and are passionate about making an impact on the future of software development. 

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