Employers Need To Embrace 'Agility' Of Online Recruitment

British employers must display “hyper-agility” in their recruitment process, in order to effectively compete for the top candidates for their jobs, according to a number of leading recruitment professionals. 

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s annual Recruitment Conference heard this week that companies needed to make use of the flexible methods, offered particularly through online recruitment, to build a strong line of candidates. 

The head of recruitment for KPMG UK, Iain McLaughlin, said they had noticed that more and more graduates were able to decline places on their graduate scheme, because they had received multiple offers, and it was important to stay ahead of that.

“Graduates get bombarded, so the ability to be nimble and agile in how accurately we deal with them is really key,” he explained. “Real value comes from responding and reacting quickly. Agility is an important strand of our recruitment strategy, alongside innovation and communication.”

Ocoado’s head of human resources, Julia Markey, said the company was seeing a increasingly diverse range of applicants for its various vacancies and, to become more flexible in its resourcing practices, had “taken the recruitment process to potential candidates, especially drivers.”

She added that transferring to using online recruitment as their primary mode of finding new hires had significantly reduced their cost-per-hire. 

Recruitment expert Geoff Newman from online recruitment agency RecruitmentGenius.com believes recruitment has always been difficult, but online methods have sped up change.

"Online recruitment methods bring many benefits includind lower costs and quicker time-to-hire. However equally it has led to many promiscuous applicants applying for jobs making it more difficult to filter out the good applicants and ensure you recruit them quickly before someone else does."
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