Employees Spend Hours Searching For Jobs Online

According to the latest survey by Monster.co.uk, job seekers are increasingly spending time searching for jobs online, through recruitment agencies and job websites, while at work.

The survey contacted 2,000 jobseekers and questioned them how they go about searching for a new job. More than a quarter of those questioned said they spend more than three hours each week searching online for jobs while at work.

Some 16 per cent of those questioned said they spent over five hours searching at work and seven per cent spent more than ten hours a week risking their current position by surfing the net for jobs.

Online recruitment does allow people to fit job hunting in around their busy lives, but time still has to be taken to prepare for the recruitment process, explained many of the jobseekers questioned. Half of those surveyed said they update their CV while at work and 49 per cent also said they applied for other roles while sitting at their desk.

Only 40 per cent of those questioned said they thought their boss knew what they were looking at online, while 12 per cent have been caught in the act.

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