DSV Whittles Down Sales Recruitment Candidates

Global logistics companies, DSV Road and DSV Solutions, have just completed their first targeted sales recruitment programme in the UK, which has seen their sales team grow by 40 per cent. 

The company whittled down 45 finalists from a glut of applicants, selecting 12 ultimately successful candidates from the group after the 45 took part in an intensive recruitment and assessment day. The UK director of sales and marketing for DSV, Chris Malyon, said the high calibre of the candidates had led to them radically changing their initial plans. 

"We were initially offering six positions, but decided to increase that after seeing the high quality of the candidates at the assessment day," Mr Malyon explained. "Ten of the graduates were taken on by DSV Road with the other two joining DSV Solutions."

He said that the assessment day had been a crucial part of the recruitment process, as they did not want to select candidates based on their academic qualifications and degree subjects alone. 

"We are looking for people who understand how to relate well to clients and potential clients - listening to them and being able to assess their requirements and needs," he said. "We are focusing on organic growth which is key to our success in this area, and a catalyst for future success. We are sure that these graduates will develop into top sales people." 

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