Diverse Methods Used To Get Ahead In Recruitment

Increasingly innovative methods of recruitment are being tried and tested by some of the UK most forward-thinking employers, as they try to perfect the process of picking the ideal candidate for a job the first time round. 

Online recruitment portals - specifically recruitment through online games and challenges - are becoming a fairly standard part of IT recruitment and software development recruitment. Moshi Monsters, a children's online game site based in London's Shoreditch, even held its own gaming night at a bar in London, to which it invited potential recruits. 

Online methods have become particularly important to companies involved in tackling cyber-crime, with many setting their own challenges and inviting computer hackers to try their hands at solving them, with the potential of a job as the prize. 

In a technology dominated world, however, some hi-tech companies have not forgotten the value of a good old-fashioned perk to snag the employee they really want. Alicia Navarro, from the affiliate marketing site, Skimlinks, said there was one particular programmer that they wanted and, in order to tempt him away from another offer with a potentially bigger salary, they appealed to what he wanted from his free time. 

"We focused on showing him what a fun company we were," she said. "We found out he really liked animals so we gave him a year’s membership to the zoo as a gesture." 

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