December Shows Sluggish European Recruitment Growth

Pan-European recruitment figures for December have shown that recruitment across the continent has seen year-on-year growth of 11 per cent.

The Monster Employment Index Europe recorded the slowest rate of growth since the middle of 2010, with above-average growth figures from Germany being brought down by negative growth registered in Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

Germany saw 32 per cent growth in its recruitment opportunities, with the UK and Sweden registering slight - but at least positive - growth at six and four per cent respectively. 

Monster Europe representative, Alan Townsend, said that recruitment figures for December were usually somewhat slower than the rest of the year, but that the continuing economic uncertainty and the eurozone crisis have made circumstances more challenging than normal. 

"A decline from November to December is typical for this time of the year as employers scale back hiring activity and focus on closing out the year," Townsend explained. "While this month's European Index continues to reflect the ongoing uncertainty of the broader global economy with generally slowed rates of annual growth in online recruitment, overall activity remains positive at 11 per cent year-over-year."

Sectors that reported the healthiest recruitment figures for December included engineering, which registered a 28 per cent year-on-year rise, with telecommunications and architecture also recruiting positively. 

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