Construction Sector Leading Positive Recruitment News

Recruitment for jobs in the construction sector has seen a 22 per cent rise for June 2011, compared to 2010, according to new employment figures. 

The numbers from the Totaljobs Barometer, showed that the signs of an overall labour market recovery are improving, with competition in the recruitment process improving across all sectors. An average of 17 applications are being received for every job that is being put into the online recruitment process. 

Construction, along with electronics and engineering sectors, are the key areas that have seen significant year-on-year improvement in the opportunities available. Both electronics and engineering were hot on the heels of construction, with a 20 per cent rise in opportunities. Experts have said that this indicates that the weak pound is perhaps driving a rise in UK exports, due to increased orders from abroad. 

Recruitment expert, John Salt, said that the second quarter had given cause for both relief and optimism in recruitment, but that patience was still crucial. 

"It's great news to see that sectors such as construction are beginning to show signs of recovery as it is these sectors that typically indicate the beginnings of economic recovery," he said. "Our forecast for the third quarter is for a small dip in the availability of jobs due to the summer holiday period, but overall, I am confident that the recovery will continue slowly and we can look forward to a period of solid growth." 

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