Companies Lauded For Fair Disabled Recruitment

The recruitment processes at BT and energy company E.ON have been officially recognised for their efforts to offer fair employment opportunities to disabled people. 

The two companies have both been given 'Proud to be Clear Assured' status, after they successfully complete the Clear-Assured assessment and development programme. The status has been developed by government and employer-backed auditor, the Clear Company, which helps businesses identify and remove barriers to the recruitment of disabled people.

The two companies are the first private-sector organisations to gain the status, and BT's people and policy director, Caroline Waters, said the process of working for it had been "tremendously valuable".

"Becoming 'Proud To Be' undoubtedly gives us the edge as an inclusive employer, but the ethos of continuous assessment and development engineered into the process means that we will keep on getting better," she said. 

She explained that the firm had been able to embed the Clear Company assessment and development process right across their supply chain, ensuring that potential employees get the best experience when they apply for jobs. 

The Clear Company's development director, Kate Headley, said that it is crucial for more and more companies to follow the examples set by BT and E.ON, highlighting that one in five people of working age in the UK are disabled and more than half of them are unemployed.

"BT and E.ON are leading the way in transforming the approach of UK industry to inclusive recruitment and sending a message that this waste of talent cannot continue," she explained. 

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