City Law Firms Suffering Recruitment Pressures

A new assessment of recruitment concerns among City firms has highlighted that law firms are being most severely hit by talent and recruitment pressures stemming from changing immigration policies. 

The City of London Corporation’s Access to Global Talent report showed that many law firms have had to postpone or delay expansion plans because they are unable to predict what stance the government is going to take on immigration limits. 

The chief executive of the law society, Desmond Hudson, said that law firms needed to be able to bring people in from the full global talent pool, but were having to be cautious at the moment as the immigration laws were liable to change at any minute.

"If law firms and other businesses are to remain strong during these testing times they need to be able to recruit the best people, whatever their origin," Hudson explained.

Geoff Newman from online recruitment agency whose firm places lawyers in the UK shares these concerns.

“If the UK is going to remain a top destination for global talent the government must ensure that it doesn’t impose too many restrictions. We are already noticing that many American law firms are struggling to recruit the necessary staff, staff that would otherwise have contributed to the UK.”

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