Christmas Party? Bah Humbug

Many employers are saying “bah humbug” to Christmas this year with 62% failing to have a party.  This is even worse than last year when 54% of companies did not get in the festive spirit, demonstrating how a lack of business confidence and increasing financial hardship is effecting everyone.

Surprisingly there was little variation between regions with only 7% of companies in the South East cutting back on celebrations compared to the rest of the UK at 9%.  These consistent results show that everyone is suffering equally.

These figures are based on a recent survey by online recruitment company that surveyed over 1,000 respondents in the UK.

Geoff Newman, chief executive with warns companies not to be a scrooge at Christmas.

“Christmas parties are the last opportunity employers have to thank their staff. We’re very conscious that many employees want to leave their jobs because they feel demotivated and undervalued, so finish the year on a high note and put you hand in your pocket now.”

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