British Recruitment 'Turning A Corner'

New recruitment figures have indicated that the British jobs market is “turning a corner”, with more companies indicating an intention to make new hires in the coming months. 

Research carried out by high street recruiter, Manpower, found that the economy has seen a return to jobs being created, with the latest Monster Employment Index also showing an increase in online recruitment. 

Manpower UK’s managing director, Mark Cahill, said that their survey of more than 2,000 employers showed that the number of employers intending to hire in the next few months outweighed those intending to cut back their employees. 

He said that the forthcoming London Olympics were creating an atmosphere of confidence in the South East, despite recent redundancies in the City. 

“Although it's too early to say that a full-blown recovery is upon us, it does feel like we’re turning a corner when it comes to the jobs market,” Cahill explained. “Businesses that were battening down the hatches in the last quarter appear to be considering taking on staff. We’ve noticed much more flexibility among employers, particularly in the market for permanent hiring.”

The Monster figures showed a 4 per cent increase in online recruitment postings in the last year, led by growth in the engineering industry. 

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