Brent Council Makes Huge Online Recruitment Savings

Brent Council has managed to save around £500,000 from moving to online recruitment and HR processes.

The London borough's assistant director of HR, Tracey Connage, said that they managed to implement the enormous savings that had been demanded of the personnel department while also managing to make fewer than two dozen people redundant. 

She said that a major part of their recruitment streamlining had been putting a system in place that allows jobs to be posted online as soon as they are advertised, as opposed to their previous system which published all job vacancies accumulated from the previous month on the same day.

"In a typical month, we advertised more than 30 new positions, which would each generate more than 20 applications – over 600 applications a month," she explained. "Our previous paper-based method of processing applications required the full-time attention of a member of staff, as well as input from others. It took us a long time to get back to applicants, to schedule interviews, and to confirm appointments."

The new online recruitment facility also includes a screening system that automatically matches jobseekers to roles. The council has determined that the system has cut the cost of each hire by 40 per cent and cut the time of the recruitment cycle by half. 

Geoff Newman, an expert in online recruitment, commented that a significant number of public sector organisations are deriving huge benefits from e-recruitment methods.

“Cynically many tax payers are seeing these tremendous cost savings and believing public sector cuts were the appropriate catalyst for change. However e-recruitment methods have only advanced over the past couple of years to deliver these benefits and Brent Council should be applauded for leading the way with this technology.”

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