Brand Development Crucial For Effective Recruitment, Says REC

A robust and fully-developed employer brand is increasingly essential for effective recruitment, according to a new report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

The Employer Branding report has stated that companies need to employ new and innovative models of recruitment - including online recruitment - in order to appeal to the new generation of 'brand-cynical' jobseekers. 

It states that cultivating a good brand reputation in all forms of media - particularly in the dynamic and constantly developing world of social media - is crucial, as the 'millennial generation' are more likely to gauge their opinions of a company based on their public reputation, rather than on what the company proclaims about itself.

The report makes a number of recommendations on how to develop the employee value proposition (EVP) of a brand, including developing narratives around the brands and adding incentives to help recruitment partners build a genuine talent pipeline.

The REC's director of research, Roger Tweedy, said, "It is vital that employers consider the best ways of positioning their brand across the UK and global jobs market. It is clear from the wide range of experts that we spoke to as part of this in-depth report that harnessing the relationship between recruiter and brand can go a long way to making this happen." 

Geoff Newman from flat fee recruitment agency believes the importance of being seen to be a good employer has never gone away.

"Being an employer of choice has always be crucial, not just in attracting but also retaining staff. The war for talent has never gone away, even during high unemployment and low economic growth. However some companies need to ensure their strong consumer brands do not overpower their employer brands. For example Innocent Drinks is well known as a fun, consumer-friendly and social company. However potential staff could misconstrue this 'relaxed' brand and consider the environment operates in this way, which could not be further from the truth."
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