2012 Will See Greater E-Streamlining Of Recruitment Process

The evolution of the recruitment process in 2012 is likely to see recruitment professionals increasingly use software and online resources to streamline recruitment and HR even further, according to a leading personnel software expert. 

Roger Moore, the general manager of software provider Bond Teamspirit, said that the incorporation of the mobile app into recruitment is to advance significantly in 2012, to further accommodate the use of smartphones and tablets to look for jobs. 

"People are increasingly relying on their Smartphones to manage their day-to-day lives, and as such technology providers will have to make it increasingly possible to perform employee self-service functions and similar HR or payroll activities via this medium," said Moore in a piece written for OnRec magazine.

He added that the development of online recruitment will allow for companies to spend more time finding and cultivating long-term staff, through the elimination of the labour and paper-intensive processes that have lingered through the streamlining that has already taken place. 

Moore added, "The web and online solutions will continue to provide companies with a solution which is both convenient and offers a connection with employees – while mobile access may not be the prime communication tool, it will certainly continue to become a popular mode with which to share data and information in the year ahead." 

Geoff Newman from e-recruitment specialist RecruitmentGenius.com believes greater cooperation between software vendors is required to enhance the customer experience. 

“The e-recruitment market has lots of small startups with great products. However this creates a fractured experience for customers who typically want a more integrated solution. Because many startups lack funding acquisitions are rare and so working together is the next best alternative. Thankfully most solutions have been developed with this in mind and so I hope customers will enjoy a much more positive experience.”

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