10-Year Recruitment Drive Launched By Scottish Power

It is hoped that a 10-year recruitment drive being launched by Scottish Power will prevent a national rise in unemployment. 

The announcement of the mission to recruit 1,500 new staff during the next decade has come ahead of new figures that will show how the economic stagnation is affecting recruitment and jobs in Scotland. 

A representative of Scottish Power said that they were facing waves of retirement from ageing staff, and would need many more staff to counter the effects of that. The spokesman added that the development of their network to make it capable of meeting ambitious government targets for renewable power would also require additional manpower. 

The company is expected to use diverse means of recruitment - including online recruitment - to appeal to young and motivated candidates. They will be looking to create jobs for graduate engineers, apprentices and technicians from other industries for re-training.

The restructuring of the grid will allow for energy to be transmitted from remote areas - where much of the crucial wind, wave and tidal resources are - to homes and businesses in more populated areas, where it is needed most. 

The Spanish-owned energy firm is also planning on spending £3 billion over the next decade to upgrade some 500 miles of overhead lines, to give them three times the capacity they currently have.

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