Online Recruiting In The 21st Century

Recruitment is evolving at a fast past and 2012 has seen no sign of this changing.  As more and more people become acquainted with social media sites and ways in which they can use them to promote themselves and find employment, recruiters have to adapt quickly to take advantage of the ever-growing talent pool, which has become accessible.

Job boards are still proving to be incredibly popular and recent research has shown that they are still the number one way to find a candidate to fill your position but social media is rising rapidly.  Niche job boards are performing very strongly, offering a higher interview to hire ratio than more general boards.

Candidates no longer want to be taken through a lengthy application process so those companies that are able to hire quickly are the ones that are seeing growing interest in their positions.

While a lot has not changed over recent years when it comes to finding and hiring staff, certain areas have.  Employers now have more access to information about potential candidates but this is a two-way street, and potential employees are able to engage with your current and ex employees in ways that have never been available before, giving them even more information about you and your company.

This truly is the information age and when it comes to online recruiting, it seems like it is just going to keep getting more and more open.

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