Always Keep Candidates Informed

When it comes to finding that perfect employee to fill the vacancy at your company, you have many recruitment options open to you nowadays.  Gone are the days of a single listing in one place, companies are now able to reach far more people in a shorter period of time than ever before.  With extended reach comes more applications and more people who have to be told that they do not have the position you are looking to fill.

It might seem like the most important thing to do, after you have decided which person you would like to hire, is to offer them the job but many companies are harming themselves by not taking the time to let the unsuccessful applicants know that they have not succeeded on this occasion.

A career expert had this to say: “When asked to assess the recruiters who contacted them, one-in-five job seekers (21 percent) reported that the recruiter was not enthusiastic about his/her company being an employer of choice. Seventeen percent didn’t believe the recruiter was knowledgeable and 15 percent didn’t think the recruiter was professional.”

What you do not say to the people who have applied and been unsuccessful can have a serious impact. Take the time to acknowledge the receipt of applications and let the candidates who have not been successful on this occasion know that in a timely fashion.  Leaving candidates wondering will only lead to them having a negative impression of your company and people share that information with friends, damaging your reputation.


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